Peinture d’essence

For English speakers, here is the translation of what I am explaining in this video:

What is a painting of your Essence?

It is a painting of the soul for the soul.

It is done intuitively. Unlike other types of intuitive painting where the artist expresses her personality (ego), her emotions and her impressions, a painting of your essence is at the other extreme. The artist is completely attentive to her soul, beyond any emotion or judgment.

It responds to an intention formulated before starting. One can choose for example to paint an idea on which to meditate like « love » or « joy ». The best results have shown that the artist must not put any other intention to it than this: « what must be there will be ». The person having her painting of her essence done may, in her heart , express an intention. It is however essential to keep in mind that it is an abstract work which is produced and that to hope for a particular color or form is a limitation of the ego. The soul has the wisdom to know what is best suited to meet the intention.

The painting of your essence can be done for a person, a couple, a family or a location.

Why wanting a painting of your Essence?

This abstract portrait symbolizes your Being at the time of painting and is imbued with specific vibrations for you.

It is a gift that one offers oneself to accompany oneself in a journey of love and reconnection to the Soul.

It is a personalized meditation tool.

Communication between souls (mine and yours) is a unique and intimate experience.

It is an original work that has energies related to the Soul. It reminds us of the importance of non-judgment and sometimes the need to open up to the new and the unknown.

If you feel the call of having a painting of your Essence, it is for you. It’s as simple as that!

What if I don’t like the result?

The result may challenge you. During the experiment carried out throughout 2019, with several dozen volunteers, the majority of them recognized themselves in the painting of their Essence, although the work had an abstract visual. However, a few volunteers did not feel this connection, particularly those who had expressed a very specific intention. I personally experienced a kind of resistance when I created a painting of my Essence to work on a very specific state of being that I would like to achieve. I believe that it is in fact logical to experience this resistance, since the painting is imbued with an energy that I do not yet vibrate myself. You have to understand that the inner transformation process is a process! The change is not immediate and it takes time to integrate new energy into your innerself. For more effective results, I hung this painting in my studio where I can see it and I devote time to it every day, knowing that my resistance will decrease with my inner transformation.

Even if the painting of your Essence has a powerful visual look, it is first and above all a working tool.

How to use the painting of your Essence?

Place it where you can see it every day. There is no need to put it on the wall. Small sizes can be taken in your hands.

Contemplate it for 5 to 15 minutes each day, ideally as an accompaniment to your meditations.

Although you can stimulate your imagination by having fun recognizing shapes and creating stories from its visual aspect, you must however allow it the freedom to be nothing but energy, by accustoming the eyes to unusual shapes that they do not know. It allows you to stay conscious in the present moment and calm the mind.

You will be surprised to notice that the painting of your Essence, although it is a fixed object, stays in motion as you change your perceptions.

How does a painting of your Essence session take place?

Although your presence in my studio is preferable for the realization of the painting (I ask you to transmit your energies in the water used for its creation), your physical body is not a model in itself, so you stay dressed and I don’t pay too much attention to your presence during creation. I will be delighted to speak to you after the completion of your painting if you like it.

The session begins with 10 to 15 minutes of reiki energy applied to the panel you choose. This time will allow you to settle down and free yourself from all tensions. Then, the creation of the painting lasts between 40 minutes and 1h30 depending on the format chosen. During this time, it is recommended that you stay in meditation. Obviously, you can observe the creation of the painting. For best results, keep your mind calm.

Please note: the work takes between 5 and 12 hours to dry and cannot be moved during this period.
You cannot leave with it on the same day.

How much cost a painting of your Essence?

4″ X 4″ = 40$

6″ X 6″ = 65$

8″ X 8″ = 115$

10″ X 10″ = 175$

12″ X 12″ = 225$

16″ X 16″ = 325$

20″ X 20″ = 425$

24″ X 24″ = 575$

Then the price is $1 per square inch. We will agree on the size when making an appointment since I do not keep all sizes in stock at all times.

​Contact me at  or by phone 514-349-2567 to make an appointment!

Looking forward to welcoming you to my studio and creating a meditative tool for you! From my soul to yours!

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