Volunteers wanted for scientific/artistic experiment

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The project

I’m currently working on an experiment involving paint, the power of intention and the energetic fields that each of us radiates. To carry out this experiment that will be held in two parts, I’m looking for volunteers/participants.

The first part, titled Painting the essence of intention, will take place in my studio in Sainte-Adèle. During approx. 1h- 1h30, you will witness my painting process while focusing on an intention linked with your existence/essence.

In the second part, I will collect data about the experiment. In a location of your choice, we will meet again (at least one day after the painting session). I will have a list of questions related to the experiment for you to answer. Also, in this meeting, I will bring along the finished painting (necessary for the feedback) and your participation gift.

7 good reasons to take part in my experiment

1) This experiment will give you a privileged access into my art practice and my studio.

2) Whether you believe or not in the power of energy on matter, this experiment will give you a space of exploration.

3) You will contribute to a research that might reveal the impact of the intangible on the tangible.

4) In one way or another, this experience will help you to connect with your essence.

5) In my studio, I have a selection of printed items made from my photographs (pen, notebook, books, cards, magnets, etc), original works on paper and limited edition prints. You will choose whatever you prefer for an amount of $50.

If you prefer, the $50 gift in selected items could be converted in a $50 credit on the purchase of a painting.

6) Also, at the second meeting, you will have the opportunity to buy, if you wish to, the painting you had helped to create for 50% of its regular price. The size of the painting will be up to you.

7) The outcomes of the painting sessions might be used for a further exhibition and the writing of a book.

If you are keen to take part in my experiment, please contact me by email: bertholdflorence@gmail.com. Please write the title of this add in the email object.

This experiment will be held throughout the year 2019.

I am looking forward to paint your essence/intention!


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