My new website!!

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Hello everyone!

I am quite enthusiastic to finally launch my new Website Gallery Spiral 5D, ( which is an online store for my work and a new blog area for texts about the art of living.

With my paintings, I’m offering a tool that is not limited to decorate your house. The multitude of colours and abstract shapes help to develop focus despite the tumult of everyday life. I’m still surprise of its effects myself. To give you a taste of it, here is what happened lately. I was waiting for my paintings to arrive from New Zealand. I sent them in February and until a few days ago, my walls were bare and white. I was not really inspired; not doing much art, not having any impulse of creativity or new ideas. The fact that I’m launching my Website only now means, that after almost six months, my paintings are with me. Of course, I hung quite a few paintings around my new house. Since then, I have had more ideas and creative impulses in four days than during the last six months combined. You might think this is just a coincidence. But really, the only thing that changed in my life is the time that I spend looking at my work, getting lost in the swirls of colours and intriguing hidden narrative. I can’t really explain it, but I know it has beneficial effects on me. I hope my paintings will help you as well in your life journey. The idea of an online store was to make them easily available to you. Also, my new blog will present meditation picture every week. You have at least two options!

With the texts, I write about a variety of subjects that I connect to the art of living. The idea is to question us about our human behaviours, to try to understand them and, ideally, improve them for the good of all. I’m offering some bits of answers, they might not be the best or the most appropriate for everyone. The idea is that each of us does a part of the work by connecting with the highest part of the self and therefore, contributes to the great network that is humanity.

In a few words, this Website is an invitation, from my soul’s spark to yours, to find again our essence and to incarnate more and more unconditional love in this terrestrial life.

Weekly, I will post in the blog a new picture taken from my art exploration of the spiritual in the material. When time allows, a text on the art of living will go along the picture.

I am very excited to share my work with you!

Peace and Light


P.S. For the meditation picture of this week, here is the link to my new blog:

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