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This week, chapter 28 of Behind the scenes lives the artist is about the notion of present moment. I think it is one dimension of life that all should learn to master. It is very hard as our lives are filled with activities that are not favourable to experience it. However, the ability to be completely and knowingly in every instant of life is fundamental to reach inner and outer harmony. I suggest that this week, you use the meditation time to look at the following picture. Do not try to recognize anything or develop any thought. Only observe and notice the change of colours and shapes. You can repeat this exercise as often as you would like and also using pictures of the previous blog posts.

Enjoy this exercise and the following text!



2) « The present moment» , chapter 28 of Behind the scenes lives the artist

7 May 2018 – In a few weeks, Fleuressence will reach a long-planned dream, to have a house with a large creative space in it. The house itself would become a blank canvas to experiment on and create new visual experiences. The achievement of this long-term planning carries a feeling of peace. When all the paperwork will be done, the project of the future will become a project of the now. Already, meditation, painting, and even her work in a café kitchen help the artist to remain in the present moment, where a kind of absence of time occurs. Each gesture builds the next one. The body learns to adapt itself to the unexpected as things happen. It is a space for all possible, where listening to the intuition guides the best path to follow, the one that will bring the most precious learning.

In a society that values productivity, success and expansion, Fleuressence seeks peace, abundance and simplicity as she explores her inner self. She arrives at a life stage where desires fade, leaving a kind of empty space that can be at first uncomfortable, but to which she is adapting.

Creatively, by being in the present moment, the artist collaborates with her medium. The idea is not to dab a paintbrush in paint to then create something already decided. Despite the fact that the artist is following a direction, Fleuressence always remains receptive to her medium and to the action that her body wants or needs to express. Every day is different. Sometimes, her body is comfortable to do small details; sometimes it needs to lose itself in a large area of colour. As painting is not a competition where the body has to be trained to achieve a great performance, the artist listens to her limitations everyday. The motion should be genuine and felt, and surely not be limited to a secretion of the mind. Works made by mainly using the mind might be intriguing and well thought, but they will always lack something, something from the heart, which has the potential of reaching all, whoever they are and whatever they know.

What Fleuressence particularly enjoys from this intuitive process based on the present moment is the learning that comes with it. She will never take for granted that she masters anything. She plays the role of the viewer as much as the role of the maker. By working in relation with what she observes and listens to, she can also apply those abilities in all aspects of her life. It is not about controlling this or that. Instead, by looking at the big picture and by letting herself flow with the movement, she finds that the absence of control carries freedom.


3) Once again, thanks for the time you have taken over the last months to read my blog posts and maybe even to do the meditation exercices. Next week, I will not post anything and the next blog post will be to announce my new website. Even though I announced last week that I will be less active in this current blog, I still suggest that you follow it for the upcoming pictures that will be published here. The artistic journey goes on!

See you soon!

Peace and Light,



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