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First of all, I apologize for the posting delay, however, it highlights my questioning explained in chapter 27 of Behind the scenes lives the artist, which some of you have already commented when I announced this blog post subject. In response, I’ll use the third part of this post to give more detail about my current reality and where I am positioned now in regards of this question asked in April.

As usual, lets start with a meditation with the following picture as a trigger:



2) « To continue or not?» , chapter 27 of Behind the scenes lives the artist

24 April 2018 – Halfway through the written texts for this year blog, Fleuressence questions the purpose of it. Is she putting her energy in the right place? The writing of each post and of the creative texts, both in English and French takes about four hours every week. Until now, between her finished studies, her relocation to Canada and the start of a new job, she had the time to do it.

After a conversation on the phone for a potential job, the artist knows that her holidays are about to end. In a week from now, she’ll probably be working. Even if at the beginning, her job will be part time, summer time might be busier. The time available for her paintings will be reduced and, she will have to manage her time differently.

Without stopping completely the writing of her blog, she might have to change the frequency of publication. Maybe fortnight? Or monthly?

Also, there is always the question about the usefulness of writing and posting on a regular basis. Fleuressence has loyal readers, but for now, her audience is small. Is there an interest for what she is giving? Or is it just a personal pleasure to share about her work and learning? Without looking for success, the artist would like to know if her work is worth it, if her writings allow new points of view as she is sharing her own experiences of being an artist.

A few months ago, someone suggested that she do a podcast with her texts. Fleuressence had the idea of filming the magic happening during her intuitive painting sessions and to add those images to the creative texts, to make them more interesting. The idea remains, but it is a question of time once again. To record the reading of the texts, to film and edit, all multiply by two to make it bilingual, represent at least, another ten hours of work, or two days when combined with the blog.

Maybe, when she’ll start again her intuitive painting sessions, the podcast will replace the blog. Rather than taking back every text already posted, she might only select her favourites, those deserving the additional working hours.

Maybe several texts will become one podcast. Maybe narration will be adapted to the filmed pictures. So many possibilities, while choices need to be done in order to place the energy where it needs to be, where it is the most intelligently used.


3) Since the writing of this chapter, I started a new job. First, it was a day to day schedule, now it is more stable, but almost represents thirty hours a week. Believe it or not, I haven’t received my belonging from New Zealand yet (it was sent 5 months ago), so I’m still limited to paint with oil, as all my art supplies are in my container. I’m looking forward to start again to paint with my intuition using a variety of techniques. I haven’t painted in a month as I don’t have the time or the energy to do an oil painting session, which for me needs to be at least 3 hours in a row to truly advance a project. I’m seeing the light further ahead, but since my relocation, lots have happened and I’m still getting my way around my new life situation.

I intend to continue to write, as I have always loved it. However, I might not keep a steady pace for the moment. Also, without totally abandoning the current blog, I’m already working on something different, for a blog that will go alongside my new website, which will be an online store featuring my work! The new blog will focus on the art of living rather than my artistic journey, but the subjects might intersect in some ways. The website will be launched as soon as I receive my paintings! I’m looking forward to share this with you and also, to start a new chapter in my artistic and life journey.

Next week, I’ll share a text about living the present moment, somehow, a transition towards the new blog. Hopefully, by paintings will have arrived by then, as this text is the last contribution to the current blog. If not, I’ll have to improvise! See you soon!

Love and Light


4 Replies to “To continue or not?”

  1. HI Flo. I’m looking forward to your new website and content. Your paintings are mesmerising!May I ask who your inspirations for your final year of study? I’m thinking of finishing my degree next year with a focus on art as therapy, and have a couple of good books, but thought you may lead me to other sources. Considering that dream … I feel there is a connection with you, me and NMIT. I am exploring oil painting , colour field, and abstract art. Good luck in your exploration of a new fields. What are doing for work? Sue xx


    1. Hi Sue, sorry for the delay, I just saw your comment in my spams… For my last year study, I connected my practice with the spirituality of the abstractionist (Mondrian, Kandinsky, Milan Mrkusich, Rothko and a contemporay French painted Frederic Lemarchand. She had a nde where she experienced what I was trying to achieve through my paintings. I also compared my work to contemporary abstract artists for the serendipity of the work ( Rosemarie Fiore, Bernard Frize, Callen Shaub and Dale Frank. I’m happy to share my essay with you if you send me an email address (use facebook so I get it). My work right now is cook assistant in a café that doesn’t have a cook anymore… so it’s a little bit chaos, but we are two to hold the kitchen things together for now. It means it’s harder to have time off during the weekend and spend time with my hubby… It’s good that you start researching now if you want to finish your degree. I did that during my summer time between level 6 and 7 and it paid off. But it’s a different journey for everyone. Enjoy! xx


  2. Hi Flo, I only just read this reply … I wonder why it didn’t appear anywhere. Thank you so much! I have been looking at Rothko as well for his colour fields and the emotional response he hoped to encourage in the viewers. They must be amazing to see in real life. Kandinsky has fascinated me too with his perception … what’s it called .. synesthetic….I will look up the other ones as most of them I haven’t heard of before, except Mondrian of course. I am on WordPress today to learn a bit more about creating my own blog. Hope all is well with you xx


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