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This is already the 26th chapter of Behind the scenes lives the artist, in which I explain what led me to abandon a long-standing project. A decision that makes sense today, and that might resurface later if it has to be.

As usual, I’m sharing with you a picture to start your meditation. If you haven’t read last week post, here is the link Meditation practice, as it explains why I’m sharing a picture every week.

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2) « Gallery project threated» , chapter 26 of Behind the scenes lives the artist

17 April 2018 – For several years, Fleuressence has been imagining having her own little art gallery at home, like some of the artists she met in New Zealand. She envisioned her studio next to the gallery, so visitors would see her working environment. With online software, she designed many versions of her future home, and slowly, she was juggling with the idea of offering classes and workshops to encourage visits to her small business.

Even though the dream was born in New Zealand, it was in Quebec that she wanted to materialize it. Right back after their return to Canada, her husband and her looked for vacant lands where to build “The” house. They looked near major roads and highways, close to touristic places in the Laurentides, where many come in winter to ski, in summer for nautical sports, and in fall for the breathtaking tree colours.

Fleuressence was surprised of the lack of art galleries in an area where lots of artists have settled in. Almost all the galleries she found were in the town of Saint-Sauveur, all on the main street; surely a great spot to display her work.

After several days of research, they found a land next to a main road and right before a business promoting self-growth, exactly the artist’s target market. A huge rock cape occupied a big part of the land, but there was still enough room for a house. The day before meeting with the realtor, a visit to the city council brought new pieces of information that affected their plan. The land was in a forest area; impossible to build anything commercial. Even her artist studio would be limited in size, which was way to small for someone doing large works, many at the time.

Each town has its own rules, and another town where they were looking wasn’t much more encouraging to achieve her goal. It looks like the only option to have a gallery was to be in a commercial area. In other words, in the core of the town, with a land just big enough for the building size, no gardening area, no beautiful view, no intimacy and no visual calm and surely lots of noise. Quite the opposite of what they were looking for.

There was a choice to make: to live downtown and take the car to enjoy nature and plein air, while having her business at home OR to live in nature (or very close to it) and find a gallery to display her work. The second option sounded nicer. Anyway, Fleuressence would have to find galleries in bigger cities to show her work. The real change of plan would happen in her daily routine. She would not have to manage a business. At least, not right now. But who knows? She might have a gallery in town later on, if the opportunity arises.

Fleuressence is not sure if she is disappointed or relieved. A gallery would have been a great motivation to create new work and other products for sale. Without the gallery to manage, all her focus will go into her paintings. And not knowing yet the reception of her work in Quebec, the gallery was probably a step too soon, a step towards a comfort zone she has to overcome. When concretely, nothing has changed in her current life, she erased a few lines in her plan. The future will tell where she places the next ones.


Thanks for the time you have taken to read this post. I hope it has inspired you to revisit your own projects, checking every aspects of the reality they might create. I know by experience that, for myself, being in my comfort zone doesn’t mean that I have selected the easier option, rather, it is something that is creating a routine I have under control. The fact of not having my own gallery will force me to build relationships with new people and/or to rethink the way to promote my art, to find new manners to connect with my potentiel customers.

Next week, I am reconsidering the writing of this blog. Should I continue or not? See you soon!

Have a wonderful week

Peace and Light



3 Replies to “Gallery project threated”

  1. HI Flo. Very interesting developments. There are often compromises and unexpected turns in life. You do well to flow with them. I enjoy reading your blog so do hope you continue! I have started a practice of painting as well. Oils, colour, texture, experimentation, more time set aside to be in my studio when I am not at my day job. I enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the space to allow creative things to happen. xx


    1. Thanks for your comment Sue. It’s nice to know that some people enjoy my blog, though, I’m already working on something a bit different for an upcoming new website. I think this new type of writing is closer to who I am, but I might write something in the current blog here and there as well, when new artistic experiences arise :). xx


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