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This week, in chapter 25 of Behind the scenes lives the artist, I presents another dimension of my art process, what I do as an exercice before grabbing my art gear, or in other words, the practice of meditation. Some artists create from their feelings, others are highlighting social realities and concerns. Personally, my art is connected to what is universal in us, which reveals itself slowly through meditation.

Therefore, I’m inviting you to medidate first, using as a starting point this soft, organic and almost biologically inspired picture.

Enjoy your meditation and read!



2) « Meditation practice» , chapter 25 of Behind the scenes lives the artist

10 April 2018 – The list of benefits brought by the practice of meditation is comprehensive. To meditate acts on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. While its regular practice would considerably decrease the need for medication and increase greatly our human condition, it still seems very hard to take fifteen minutes everyday to do it.

It is not a coincidence if, every week, Fleuressence shares a picture to meditate on, or if she paints with that aspiration in mind. For a decade now, the artist has known the importance of meditation, but still, she is the first one finding it hard to practice.

She can easily turn off her mind by watching or listening to boring or silly things on TV. However, those moments of voluntary disconnection still require a part of her brain to be processed. Television allows relaxation, but certainly not meditation. The power of TV is to tint our emotions and to swallow up time, which are not exactly on the list of benefits brought by meditation. But the lighted images streaming on the screen captivate people. Could we say that meditation is captivating? In fact, it places people in a both active and receptive position. It requires effort to consciously become the device receiving frequencies.

Ideally, one should take the time to meditate in the morning, when one’s day is not started yet, when the energetic body is fresh and rested after a good night sleep. But often, mornings are marathons to get everything ready before going to work. Some people will prefer to wait later in the day to meditate, hoping they’ll find the time.

The artist knows herself enough to be aware that as the day goes on, her will to stop her momentum diminishes. Her fifteen-minute meditation is therefore calculated in her morning routine. It is challenging to really abandon herself to her practice when her mind is already trying to organize the day ahead, imagining stories and things to do and not to forget.

Like in everything, it requires practice, which often requires discipline and of course, faith that the time is worth it. And it is through practice that this realization occurs.

Many times, Fleuressence thought that if she had taken some habits during childhood, it would be so much easier today, like a second nature, and not like a fight between the ego’s desires and the soul’s wisdom.

For Fleuressence, meditation is not a way to calm her anxiety, to loosen her muscles or to manage her stress level. The goal is more fundamental. Based on the knowledge of psychosophy, she aspires to become the higher part of herself, what may be called the soul, although she is not finding the denomination important. What matters is the potential of bringing subtler and purer qualities on earth; which is, according to her, the most plausible solution to reach harmony among humanity. The idea of love helping humanity is not new. But even though it has been around for a while, to put it into practice is not as easy as it sounds. When Fleuressence takes the time to meditate, it is never a waste of time. The idea is not to judge all the times that her mind has taken over control, the important resides in her will to cultivate moments of this necessary abandonment to love. Despite the mention of love in almost every song, movie and piece of writing, love is still an unknown notion, a field of potentialities barely explored.


Thank you so much for the time you have taken to read this text, and hopefully, to medidate as well. We are learning so many things about the external world, but we often forget to reach back to the internal world. I think it is there that we will find most answers as well as the biggest treasures. Next week, the creative text will talk about my gallery project and the obstacles I have met.

Have a good week!

Peace and Light



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