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This week, chapter 24 of Behind the scenes lives the artist reports a few works seen at the winter exhibition of the Montreal Underground Art, which this year’s theme was work. A month after I wrote this chapter, I was starting a new part time job, which is still quite demanding. It is not easy to keep creating and find a work balance with a very organic timetable. Probably as some of you right now, I am in transition in many aspects of my life. For the moment, I’m working on my flexibility. With my new home and the upcoming arrival of my art supplies, I am looking forward to use my intuition to paint again. Also, the idea that I touch on in my creative text about offering creative lessons has evolved since. However, I have to do some research and testing beforehand. Things that I will add to my schedule when I find a more stable routine.

As I just moved in my new home, I haven’t worked on my paintings. My studio space is not even settled yet. So this post only has two parts. I’m inviting you to meditate on the following picture before starting the read of the creative text.



2) « Work» , chapter 24 of Behind the scenes lives the artist

3 April 2018 – Fleuressence and her life partner are taking the day to walk Montreal undergrounds for the Art Souterrain event, which is about to end. The artist remembers the last time she went, five years ago. She loved the funky installations. Today, she has forgotten what was the brief at that time. For this tenth edition, there are a lot of photographs, which disappoint Fleuressence a little bit, as she prefers to see paintings and 3D works. However, the theme is not trivial and coincide with her current thoughts. It is about the notion of work.

A French artist named Julien Prévieux exhibits a series of motivation letters, which he has sent in response to job opportunities. In the letters, he states all the reasons why the company offering the job should not hire him. Most of the time the company responses to his letters are generic, which placed next to the motivation letters, creates funny responses.

Another artist, Paolo Patrizi presents pictures of Nigerian immigrant prostitutes’ working sites in Italy in the 80s. Old mattresses, sometimes only dirty cardboards on the ground, surrounded by trees and wild grass. A bed lost in the wood.

Fleuressence particularly appreciates Ciprian Homorodean’s work, three hundreds flyers for work services are covering a wall. He puts all kind of jobs at the same level, but also, highlights that most artists need a regular job on top of their creative work to sustain themselves.

Maybe that reality is normal for non-artist people who might believe that’s how things should to be. From her past experiences, Fleuressence knows that when she was working full time in a “normal” job, there was no energy and time left to create anything. That is the reason why she is looking for a part time job, which seems rare and sometimes still up to 32h a week. Those jobs are usually paid the minimal wage or required a specific formation in the health industry.

A few days later, her partner notices a sign for creative workshops as they are driving by after an errant. Despite her online research, Fleuressence hadn’t found that place, which do have a website. As she explores it, she notices that they are looking for workshops and classes teachers. Does she have what is required to apply? Maybe. There is no ending date to the job application, which might signified an always-possible opportunity. Work can be between 3 to 30h a week. It probably depends on the participation of both students and teachers.

It certainly looks like the perfect place to break the ice. However, she is not convinced that she can help others in their own projects, especially if they are trying to make realistic reproduction, which has never been a goal to her. Fleuressence decides to take some time to deepen her knowledge of the basic techniques and to practice them again before applying for a teaching position. This will allow the time for her belonging (art supplies and paintings) to reach Canada, in case she needs to bring some work at the interview. For now, she visualizes a little bit, everyday, what she could offer, as she is practicing to master her art.


Thanks for the time you have taken to read my text. Next week, the creative text is about the practice of meditation. If you are wondering why I share a picture to meditate on every week, this is your chance to understand a little bit more my work. Therefore, I hope to see you next week!

Light and Peace


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