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This week, chapter 23 of Behind the scenes lives the artist is about my moving back to Quebec and a new creative space, which is the biggest room of my appartment. Almost three months later, I’m sharing this text with you, knowing that in less than a week, I will have a new creative space again. This time in the house my husband and I just bought. I’m really looking forward to be in that space, as I feel it will positively influence my work. It will definitively be a new start where the challenges of everyday life will certainly find their outlet in painting.

As today I’m celebrating a new cycle of my human existence, I chose a meditation picture that I really enjoy for what it evokes to me: a flower or a head with a heart; to link the heart to the mind and flourish with confidence. You are free to find your own meaning.

Have a great meditation time and reading!


DSC_0173 2

2) « New studio, new start» , chapter 23 of Behind the scenes lives the artist

24 March 2018 – Weeks have gone fast and Fleuressence hardly realized that the last time she took the time to write was already a month ago, a week before she left New Zealand. Now, she has settled down in her new working space, almost ready to start painting again. Some coverings need to be fixed on the walls before diving in colours again. Also, she is waiting on her art supplies order, which contains the sealant she needs to prepare the wood panels received the week before. As the studio is nearly empty, sounds reverberate on the walls. A large bookshelf is ready to welcome new art supplies. Nearby, a few sketches for her new series are aligned on a table, waiting to be transferred on a support.

The artist is still waiting. Her creative energy, which had slowed down during the past months to reach a level of stillness, starts to re-emerge. The transition is difficult. Fleuressence feels like she is starting back where she left five years ago, when she left the province of Quebec. The physical absence of her works done during the last few years increases the sensation that she may has dreamt her past. Eventually, she will have to work to contribute to the household savings and also, to maintain a social life. Her options seem similar to what she has left. Unless, her website works so well that volunteering becomes an option. Everything is still blurry and even though she has the time to do some job research, the only thing she can think about is to paint again. That’s what she needs to do first, even if it delays her work routine of a couple of weeks or months.

She knows that her work helped to solidify her self-esteem and to feel balanced. Those positive effects are fading since she is not playing with the matter of paint, since her world is not immersed in bright colours. Art is the oxygen to allow her to grow. It is what makes her go forward without effort towards motivating projects. Soon, she will be fully breathing again. Soon, it will makes sense to visit space to exhibit, to meet other artists with whom to share her work and ideas, to imagine her longer term future.

Firstly, grow her roots, solidify her trunk, and prepare her buds. Then, blossom in her new environment, widen her horizon, and find her place.


3)  As I’m working on my current projects, which at the beginning were intended to be more figurative, I’m becoming aware that the abstract parts, done with freedom, are what I like the most. Maybe, it is the type of medium that is doing that. I wonder if my series inspired by my soft toys wouldn’t be more interesting on paper or done with pencils rather than brushes. I’m realizing that I miss painting with acrylics, which allowed me more freedom and effect making. Also, soon, I know I will have works to rebuild. Without being sure of what I’m gonna do with it, I can’t wait to dive into something completely abstract and intuitive, while keeping the critical mind developed during my art studies. Stay tuned!


Thanks for the time you have taken to read my text. Next week, the creative text is about having a job, theme inspired by the underground art exhibition in Montreal this year (2018)

See you soon and have a wonderful week!

Peace and Light


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