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This week, chapter 22 of Behind the scenes lives the artist is about a reality that many artists that I know go through on a regular basis: the artistic block. As you will read in this creative text, it is not something I have experienced myself. In fact, at the moment, my struggle is to find the time and energy to create. I am again in a process of relocation. This time, it is to plant my roots in a place that I have been attracted too for a long time and where I can picture myself spend many decades there. A perfect place to recharge my batteries and create in peace.

Despite the upcoming moving, I made some progress on one of my work in progress, that you’ll find at the end of this post. The meditation picture of this week is a part of it!

Have a great meditation time and reading!


2) « Distance and artistic block» , chapter 22 of Behind the scenes lives the artist

23 February 2018 – Most of the ideas received or perceived by the mind seem interesting at first. It is not odd that an idea nourishes the next one and that, in a few minutes or few hours, another world opens in front of the artist. Fleuressence does not know the phenomenon of the blank page or the artistic block. Yet, she met many artists who regularly go through those anxious states of being, and who never know how long they will last. For Fleuressence, the challenge is rather to develop an idea enough, and to not settle for the first version of it without reaching the essence of her inspiration. Why make this or that? What is the real motivation behind an idea? Will it serve her vision of the future? If the answer is no, how can she adapt it to make it fit with her beliefs and life principles?

During her creative process, Fleuressence does not force herself to find ideas. She let them come to her. This often requires the silence of the mind, or a few days without mental stimulations or any kind of concerns. To take a break from the everyday, a distance with what is already known and to abandon her to what freely reach her mind, to what goes down to her human dimension.

If the desire to create is there, but that no project is in progress, the artist will take this opportunity to experiment, usually using an abstract visual language. Every composition or creation cannot be a masterpiece. Each mistake holds the potential of new learning. It is about playing the game without falling in the path of frustration, from which nothing interesting will arise.

In general, Fleuressence receives more ideas than she can produce. Several notebooks contain sketches and lists of elements that could fuel her next project. Once in a while, she reads those notes and assesses if a project is ripe to be materialized, or if it requires a longer period of maturation. Most of the potential projects noted in her workbooks will never happen, at least, not through her hands. The distance created by time put their importance into perspective. The older self, who has written the notes, is sometimes a person quite different from the present self, who is discovering what has been written in the past. Time is the best quality judge for a work or an idea. Therefore, it must be taken into account in the creative process. For that reason, Fleuressence likes to work on several projects simultaneously, in order to take the precious breaks that will allow the evolution of her vision. Usually, especially with writing, her new vision will critic the previous one and will incite her to work harder, to push further. She has already put in pieces three times the novel on which she has been working for several years. Will she achieve to finish it eventually? The future will tell. In the meantime, she knows that each effort, as hard as it can be, brings her closer to the finale version. She is learning how to enjoy each step without knowing if it is the last one or only a landmark on her journey.

When Fleuressence hears other artists talking about the artistic block, she wonders if it is because they haven’t find their creative voice yet. Today, society accustoms us with ideas of productivity, efficiency and fast consumption. Quantity at the expense of quality. But, what is the real price of short-term thinking?

If we take a distance from the self and look around us, we already know the answer.


Thanks for the time you have taken to read my text and maybe even meditate on this freshly painted picture. Next week, the creative text is named « New studio, new start ». A text that I wrote a few months ago, as I had just moved in the appartment I’m about to leave, in less than two weeks. It will be interesting to compare that recent past with now.

See you soon and have a wonderful week!

Peace and Light



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