The Evolve Festival Experience

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In this 21st chapter of Behind the scenes lives the artist, I am evaluating my experience at the Evolve Festical, an event where I shown my paintings in a non-artistic and more spiritual context. To illustrate the colourful works that delighted visitors during that weekend (at the Evolve Festival), I have chosen for our meditation, a photograph of one of my watercolour paintings, called The Map of the Universe. I’m inviting you to lose yourself among the curves and between the lines. Where will you find a connection? In your inner or outer self? I’m sure you’ll find yourself right where you need to be at this moment, at the mind level.

I am a bit sad that again I don’t have pictures from the studio to share this week. My work outside the studio takes a lot of my physical enery and the paintings that I am working on require quite a lot of focus as well. I can’t wait to receive my intuitive painting supplies and start again! It will certainly be easier to squeeze in between working hours, especially when I’m never sure when I will have free time.

Have a great meditation time and reading!



2) « The Evolve Festival Experience» , chapter 21 of Behind the scenes lives the artist

31 January 2018 – Until now, in most exhibitions in which Fleuressence has taken part, she already knew the type of space she would be showing her work. When she enrolled in the Evolve Festival, the exhibition space was rather blurry in her mind. On the installation day, she finds the venue dark and badly ventilated, although, a kind person had left a fan exactly in her stand area. A luxury that most stand holders didn’t had. The rented tables were an assemblage of wood planks held by trestles. Simple and rustic. She mentally thanks her friend who had lent her a few hanging stands. A huge “X” shape in metal is exactly placed to hold the stands.

After two hours spent in finding the right balance in her display, Fleuressence is satisfied and is looking forward to the upcoming weekend event.

Evolve is a festival focusing on wellbeing found outside the usual Western healing traditions. Among the workshop animators and the other stand holders, there are an herbalist, many natural body product makers, healers using various sources of energy (crystals, reiki, reflexology, and so on) and many people offering a variety of reading techniques to help others in their personal quest. Exhibiting artists are a few jewellers, a lady drawing portraits and Fleuressence.

The weekend goes by peacefully. The temperature invites people to stay in air-conditioned areas or to go to the beach. The lack of affluence, which delights visitors who can take their time to enjoy every stands and activities without being rushed, is not that great for the stand holders. Fleuressence, and probably other stand holders, was expecting to share her work with a crowd. Her devoted partner was actually with her to help in case of extreme popularity! Instead, they talk about various subjects and share food bought on site.

Despite the lack of visitors, Fleuressence has never received so many compliments about her work. For once, people like her vibrant colours. Her bold watercolour paintings, which the artist had a little bit abandoned for a wider colour spectrum, are definitively in the right place. The artist makes a first conclusion: maybe what she paints today will require several years before being noticed. Then, the two sold paintings, bought by other stand holders, give her another hint. There is a part of what she creates that will not make much sense to her, but that will have a lot of meaning for someone in the future. That is a reality when painting intuitively. She must trust what crosses her mind and ends up on the support, despite what her logic or her ego wants to say about it. This is slightly opposite to what she had learnt during her studies. However, how can she ignore those beautiful moments of synchronicity?

Finally, the cherry on top of the cake was the few conversations shared with a young girl, who was quite lucid and wanted to learn to draw like the artist. As Fleuressence was explaining to her how she has developed her creativity, she felt she was the teacher and the student all at once. The moment when she gave to that little girl an expanded doodling, that she had made on the corner of the table while waiting for visitors, rewarded Fleuressence with as much satisfaction as a sale.

She knows that in a mid-long term future, she will animate workshops where she will use art to increase her students’ self-confidence and help them to free their potentials. Her own practice might simply be the mastering of that.


Thanks for the time you have taken to read my text and maybe even meditate. See you next week for another chapter of my artistic journey, where I’ll talk about the notions of distance and creative blocking.

See you soon and have a wonderful week!

Peace and Light


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