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This week, I explain in Chapter 20 of Behind the scenes lives the artist how I position myself as an artist, which often underline my difficulty to know how to sell myself, as the existing ways of doing it don’t feel appropriate.

As this text refers to very subtle states of being, I have chosen a meditation picture that illustrates what I imagine when I think about those other plans of existence.

For once, I’m not adding pictures of my painting progress. Even though I have worked several hours, it doesn’t really show on the photographs, as I mainly added saturation to the colours already there. To the naked eye. it makes a big difference, but digitally, not so much.

Have a fruitful meditation and enjoy your read!


lumière couleur


2) « Point of perspective» , chapter 20 of Behind the scenes lives the artist

26 January 2018 – While she is sorting out the photographs she will use for her gallery website, and as she is thinking about the Evolve Festival to which she will take part in a few hours, Fleuressence finally understands why she struggles to link her art practice with the art field in general. Art is usually seen as being a field of work where artists will find inspiration around them to make art. From this point of view, Fleuressence is an artist making works that relate to spiritual values. In fact, it is the other way around. Fleuressence is a spiritual being who is making art. Her subject is Life itself, not the spirituality that she incarnates in her human clothes.

The artworks made on Earth simply reflect the level of conscious light inhabiting their makers. A person exploring the center of his/her ego will not produce what an artist seeking beyond the ego will make and vice versa.

This ascertainment, which, at first degree, places the same words in a different order, changes the way we approach life, to see its challenges and its solutions. Fleuressence’s mission is probably not to make art that will leave a trace in human history. To be under the spotlight or in the sight of collectors might not be for her. What she is trying to convey requires time and personal involvement. Not many people offer those when they visit exhibitions. And even when artworks manage to create awareness towards its audience, they often lack a user guide with solutions. Even if they did, change requires everyone’s participation, not only a few art lovers. The wave of awakening for a more sensitive and sensible humanity grows a little more every day. However, to bring the deep transformation that Fleuressence is feeling inside her – the reason behind her work – it might take a tsunami of energy.

For Fleuressence, art is a way of living, learning and discovering herself from the inside as she spent many hours on her own; occupying her hands while observing her thoughts; observing the material and creating analogies between what she witnesses and human’s behaviours; etc.

The more a work conveys light and unity, the more Fleuressence is interested. It might be the reason why so many people are attracted by works made of glass. Naturally, the eye is intrigued by what shines and shimmers; by what is ethereal and almost immaterial like clouds and soap bubbles; by what carries a hint of the unknown or the dawn of the next dimension.


Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Next week, the creative text will be about my experience at the Evolve Festival, an event focusing on well-being and self-growth.

See you next week!

Love and Light





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