Appraisal of the exhibition Shifting

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Welcome on my blog!

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to all those moms who, every day, have a great impact on their children, their master piece in constant evolution! In your honor, I have chosen a meditation picture that slightly evokes flowers, their finesse and their softeness.

Then, in the chapter 19 of Behind the scenes lives the artist, I am sharing with you the appraisal of my last solo exhibition that was held at the beginning of the year. I think it is important to take the time after an event or a situation to assess what worked and what requires improvements.

In the third part, the weekly progress of my works, done mainly during my day off where I broke my own record by spending more than eight hours painting during the same day.

I’m inviting you to take a moment to meditate, by simply listening to the best part of yourself while looking at the following picture:



2) « Appraisal of the exhibition Shifting» , chapter 19 of Behind the scenes lives the artist

22 Januray 2018 – Following each new experience, Fleuressence draws a kind of appraisal to use her energies more wisely the next time. As she is sorting out the unsold work of her exhibition Shiftiing, which was a farewell show as she is leaving New Zealand to move back to Canada, she makes some observations.

Firstly, instead of having an exhibition opening or a floor talk, she had chosen to be present at the gallery each weekday afternoons, in order to give the opportunity to people to come and chat with her before she leaves. She will not repeat that experience. For health reasons, she was unable to attend the gallery each day. Also, people she was hoping to see didn’t come at that time, or didn’t come at all. Most of the visitors she met where travellers, to whom, she has more or less repeated the same story.

During the quieter afternoons, she simply sat in the room, among her work, and drew. To give to many options of time was probably not the ideal way to invite people she knows. A single invitation would have sufficed and would have surely lessened the feeling of disappointment experienced during those moments of waiting.

Then, to change the display of her work every day was more ambitious than she had thought. The heat and the room’s lack of ventilation have probably contributed to the exhaustion felt after the first week. The idea to refresh the display wasn’t bad, however, once a week would have had the same effect, without the exhaustion.

The discounted prices, made to highlight her departure and to encourage people to buy a painting as a souvenir of her time among them, didn’t pay off. New admirers mainly bought the sold paintings. Therefore, it is not possible to know if they would have bought them if the prices were between $15 and $50 more… Her disappointment regarding her sales, which she thought would be greater because of her discounts may confirm, or not, that the space wasn’t right, or that people weren’t interested or ready to commit towards her work. Her experience in the collective gallery reminds her that it often takes around thirty visitors to sell a single painting. It is the truth of her job, or at least in a small gallery, located in a small city that mainly features locally known artists. Fleuressence is often fascinated by the fact that lots of people have regularly, in their grocery cart, the amount of money in alcohol that would cost a small or a medium painting. Why is it so easy to spend on drinks and restaurants, when nothing remains after, and so difficult to commit to an artwork that last more than a lifetime? It is interesting to note that alcohol “feeds” the outer self and art resonates with the inner self.

In conclusion, Fleuressence doesn’t have regrets for the time she spent at her exhibition. However, she now realizes that she wanted more. More social interactions. More visitors. More sales. More enthusiasm. Aware that what she is experiencing resonates with what she needs to overcome or understand, she reckons that she has more detachment to make. She must learn to engage her energies where they can be renewed and not where they create emptiness. The true artistic practice, the one applying to all, is the art of living with oneself and with others. Paintings are just the cherry on the top!


3) IMG-0227IMG-0226

Thanks for the time you have taken to read this post. Next week, I’ll take about point of perpective, but not the ones used in drawing.

Enjoy your week

Love and Peace



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