Obstacles and emotional challenges

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This week, without a specific reason, Chapter 18 of Behind the scenes lives the artist is about self confidence and the challenge of not having expectations towards the reception of my work. As I still haven’t received my paintings in transit from New Zealand to introduce it in Quebec/ Canada, it is a kind of pause for me regarding this subject matter, though, I am in another kind of waiting.

The practice of meditation emphasizes this idea of not having expectations. As a tool, we do our best to stay receptive towards something new. I hope that the picture of this week will ease that work for you. Let either the colours, either the white spaces, or the interaction of both develop new pictures in you.

Finally, I’m sharing a few painting in progress details

1) Meditation picture:


2) « Obstacles and emotional challenges» , chapter 18 of Behind the scenes lives the artist

14 January 2018 – A few weeks ago, Fleuressence was realizing the importance of self-confidence in a career such as being an artist. Self-confidence is essential. Whereas the sale of a work acts as an invigorative moment of recognition, it is not as pleasing to have to face moments of indifference and social disapprobation. Those difficult times can take many forms: absence of interaction with most of the artist’s posts on social media, absence of important people’s presence at significant events for the artist, people’s indifference for what the artist has created or ambiguous and insincere comments.

Obviously, those who are looking for recognition and don’t find it from the beginning might not last long before experiencing frustration and depression. For Fleuressence, the solution to this problem is to look at it with a different perspective, to take a few moments to wear someone’s shoes and see what is really happening. It is not easy to take that position, considering that most of the artist’s time is focused towards creation, followed by a childish desire to share the fruit of her passionate moments spent inside her studio. Fleuressence is blessed to be married with her number one admirer and to be able to share every single step of her creative process, as well as her doubts and questioning. However, when she opens the door of her world towards a wider audience, the excitement shared at home is not often replicated outside this precious cell. Incomprehension arises. How will she make a living from her work if nobody is interested in it? It would be logical to take her surroundings pulse and to adapt her work in accordance. But is it the wiser thing to do? During the Modern Era, rejection from society was actually perceived as a good sign by the artists. It is common that new ideas are not well received from the start. In fact, it takes sometimes decades before they find acceptance and become popular.

To show her work and to note that about one person on twenty will actually admire it provokes a constant battle with her ego. Her higher Self reassures her by repeating that it doesn’t matter and that the benefits gained by her artistic practice are invaluable. They cannot be affected by what comes next. On the other hand, her ego calculates and compares, which feeds desires and expectations. The artist wishes she could ignore the ego’s voice; just believe that everything will be all right as long as she keeps going.

The same questions always remain. Am I doing enough? How can I improve myself? Is there something I’m doing wrong? Why people don’t feel more involved?

Answers that cannot be black or white. To create for others without worrying about them during and after the act of creation is a learning. A necessary detachment between action and its outcome. A total abandonment to what nourishes her from the inside. A blind confidence that beyond logic and normality, the needful recognition will happen. A recognition that must arise from the inside before existing in the outside.


3) With the start of a new job, outside of the studio, I’m slowly learning to fit my painting sessions between my work shifts. This week, I mainly focused on the colours of the backgrounds and I added a few details here and there.

Thank you for the time you have taken to read this post. I hope you liked it. Please leave a comment if you feel like or use this space to share your own experience with self confidence. Do you find easy to show your work to others? Also, let me know if there is any subject you would like to read about in future posts.

Have a great week!

Peace and Light




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