Shifting, the exhibition

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Here we are and it is already chapter 17 of Behind the scenes lives the artist, in which I am still talking about my experiences in New Zealand. This time, it is about the first days of my last solo show. it was four months ago, but it feels farther than that with all that happened since. Like my works that have been shifted from a wall to another, my life had a few twists in the last weeks. Today, on top of my paintings, I started to work with a new medium for a new job. Now, compositions of colours are also done with fruits and veggies, but as always, the process is guided by the intuition.

The meditation picture of the week is full of energy while it remains calm in its composition. You are free to decide what you want to materialize in your life. Stay open.

Finally, a few pictures from the studio. To paint with oil is teaching me to stay patient. I was used to finish a work in a few days, it takes now several weeks. Fun last longer!

Enjoy your read and meditation!



2) « Shifting, the exhibition» , chapter 17 of Behind the scenes lives the artist

31 December 2017 to 13 January 2018 – Her first selection of works brightens the wall of the humble collective gallery. The artist is surprised to find that her bold and vibrant watercolour paintings are harmonized by her more abstract and complex body of works. At the first degree, they look quite different, but on a higher level, they share common roots. Regardless her past emotional challenges, Fleuressence has always celebrated life through her work. But her aesthetic tastes have evolved with new learning.

During the weekdays, the artist is having fun changing the paintings around. A little shake of the room to offer a new reading, a new story. As Fleuressence is changing the paintings, as a writer would write a new sentence with similar words, visitors hesitate to enter the space. Are they afraid to disturb her? Right away, she invites them to interact with the space. It is one of the last opportunities for them to see the artist’s work before she leaves New Zealand.

Her confession to leave the county, as she is reorganizing the works, lightens the air and makes the conversation with the visitors easier than when she is sitting at the welcome desk. In the exhibition room, she is perceived as an artist, not a gallery owner collecting sales. A kind of free bird that will soon open her wings to fly away.

A few small works, with absurdly low prices, find new owners. How to resist to such deals? But most visitors only have suitcases laid on the ground of the country and are not looking for large works that don’t even have an exotic taste, a holiday flavour.

As she speaks with those people coming from afar, Fleuressence realized that maybe, the town has not been generous for the sale of her work, but it surely has helped to prepare her for the future. The artist already knows the feeling of a refusal on her ego, as well as the one of indifference towards her work. It hasn’t stopped her to paint and to plan her future targeting the same direction. She has been prepared for a bigger city and the competition that surely reigns there.

With the head up high, she will not be afraid to explore a new art scene, where, without a doubt, she will find her place.

Once a new display completed, Fleuressence sits in the room and takes out a sketchbook from her bag. Intuitively, she draws graphite lines on the page white surface. The style, the absence of colour and the scale contrast with the surrounding paintings. But once again, the inspiration comes from the same source, a place well beyond the small gallery or the future home of the artist. The feet on the ground of New Zealand, she draws compositions that will cover Canadian doors in a not so far future. The mark of the pencil is out of time, out of space and in another dimension.


As always, your comments are welcome, whether they relate to the creative text, the meditation or the work in progress.

See you next week!

Love and Light




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