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Following visits of houses, computations and starts of decisions, the thought that crossed my mind this morning is that sometimes we need to make detours before reaching a finale decision that makes sense and that we can completely agree with. A more direct approach might be rejected by the mind, for various reasons such as fears, limitations, well-established habits, and so on. To take a longer path might help the mind to adapt to new things, as facts slowly unravel, and eventually the same destination is reached.

The 16th chapter of Behind the scenes lives the artist illustrates that a little bit, as from a « failed » painting, new possibilities arise.

Also, to emphasize on the importance of each step in a creative process (in art or life), I’m sharing with you some details of my works in progress in the third part of this post, and a detail of a finished painting for the meditation (in which you’ll find plenty of space to explore). I’m letting you the freedom to select which part you want to focus on.



2) « Revival» , chapter 16 of Behind the scenes lives the artist

30 December 2017 – From the non-success of a composition started badly and reworked many times without real improvement, Fleuressence thinks that she has nothing to lose. It is not a complete failure. A few areas feel precious. Without what is around those areas, they could shine on their own. Fleuressence grabs a strong cutting knife and snips the canvas, right besides the staples holding it tight on the frame.

The gesture is liberating. The artist has always liked to cut and glue, to make assemblages, to undo and do it again. Once cut, the canvas takes another appearance. Fleuressence feels the real weight of the layers of paint. The flexibility of flesh. Something visceral.

The naked frame answers a question that the artist was asking herself at the beginning of the week. How could she make her display at the Evolve Festival interesting? Browsing on Pinterest, she found a couple of ideas. One was to use a frame with strings on which small works could be hung. However, a single frame is a bit wobbly and Fleuressence reckons it should be doubled to stabilize it. Luckily, she has another painting she could free from its rigid structure.

She repeats the operation several times. In a month from now, after her last exhibitions in New Zealand, most of her unsold paintings on canvas will face the same destiny.

The freed skins suggest new projects, new works. They transcend the denomination of being an object to become a new material. Even the sides of the work when it was stretched could be reused. They represent a life that has passed. They contain its richness, its experience, its uniqueness; the potential of an installation or a part of a different work. The destructive act brings to new beginnings.

When freeing the works, the artist crosses a new step in her creative process. During the year, which will end in a few hours, Fleuressence has transformed many previous works to elevate those towards an aesthetic aligned with her current concept. Why cumulate works that don’t resonate with who she is now? Museums are already filled by the past and its crystallization.

Her works have plastic bodies. They can evolve and divide themselves to serve new plans. Sometimes, only the original idea will remain. Maybe, they only represent the stair steps leading elsewhere, towards the unknown, towards answers, towards peace, to a place where no question remains.

To not get bogged down in comfort and habits. Fleuressence knows that death is the crystallization of a body, the slowing down of energy reaching a point of total immobility in a specific shape. Far to fear death, the artist wants to celebrate life with all her being; a phenomenon that starts from the inside and then, gets reflected in the outer life.

Her works are like keys. They have messages, destinations, stories that would only be revealed in time. After all, even though we often feel the end, we are only at the beginning of what is ahead of us.


3) Details of works in progress:


I hope you enjoyed your read and this post. Thanks for your time and don’t hesitate to leave me a comment, share this post and let me know what subject related to art you want to hear about.

Love and light


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