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This week, the fifteenth chapter of Behind the scenes lives the artist is about the notion of time and the importance of planning and drafting to create something in our future. It is not easy to take the time to elaborate a new project and its several steps. Often, we are simply carried away by life events and we try not to be choked by them. For me, it is actually the opposite that happens most of the time. When I have something on my mind, it is extremely difficult to focus on anything else as long as I haven’t done everything I can to make it happen. I admit that this week, my paintings have been put aside as I was concentrating on my future home. Acknowledging that I moved in my new appartment just a month ago, looking for a new home might sound precipitous. But I am actually in the last steps of my past several years main goal. It is a project that has changed and came back to its original main lines many times. Every new element of understanding has brought clarity and a new version of this project. My own experience has brought me to question myself quite deeply about my ambitions, my strengths and weaknesses; about what I could compromise on and what I had no will to change. Projects, whatever they are, are incredible learning tools.

I’m inviting you to meditate on this with a picture that may evoke a lot of different things. It is up to you to hear the answers of your inner truth.

In the third part, a picture from the studio.

Enjoy the read and the meditation!



2) « Time» , chapter 15 of Behind the scenes lives the artist

26 December 2017 – One week from 2018, Fleuressence starts the writing of her fifteenth text. Her goal is almost accomplished. She only has to do a little bit of editing followed by the translation, but the hardest part is done: to find a subject, or a writing style that she can maintain on the long run.

Those fifteen texts written over a period of about three weeks actually represent four months on her blog, with a weekly posting. This means that when you will read these lines, we will already be in April. The farewell exhibition will be far behind. The remaining works would be wrapped and in transit towards Montreal; some of them in one piece, others ready to be transformed in something else. Hopefully, Fleuressence would have move in her new studio and would have started her discovery of Montreal’s visual art scene.

The magic of writing allows those back and forth in time. A future read in the past. This is how the artist kicks off her projects. Planning is key. She met many artists who were still painting works for their next day show. No margin for error or time to modify anything, to adapt to an unexpected situation. No time to select what is ready to be exhibited and what still require a bit of reflection. Fleuressence rather likes to keep a flexible space-time. So, when all is ready, there is still time to push her goal a bit further or to promote upcoming event at once, by using the present moment to announce the future.

Creation requires distance. What might appear magnificent the next second of its creation might become common in the following weeks. The artist seeks for timeless work, something that doesn’t fade.

Will these texts brave the truth of time? Probably not. To write requires a lot of work to reach that level of timelessness. With chance, a few ideas will survive and be developed further. With hope, the words written today will enable the emergence of something greater tomorrow. Creativity is like a muscle that needs constant practice to progress in the chosen direction. It is not magic and the planet abounds of talented people. The challenge is to find our place among the others in order that all can benefit from everyone’s gifts. Fleuressence is not sure where her artistic journey will carry her. She uses planning as a way to keep the energy moving, to advance toward a goal that is sometimes secondary in order to reach the main destination, the one she cannot envision yet, because it is greater than her. A global plan located beyond the ego. Fleuressence’s story is a tiny dot on the huge map of existence. A dot on a path already walked by many, but on which every human being can reinvent himself/herself as he/she wishes. Tomorrow carries new experiences, new challenges and new encounters. Fleuressence will learn to welcome all of it, the arms wide open, with an open heart and awakening senses.


3)With my new series painted in oil, I’m working on my patience with drying times, and it justifies even more to be working on several pieces at the same time. Here is a sneak peak of an up-coming painting.



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