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This week meditation picture is a watercolour painting titled « Fly to the unknown ». It was the last work I painted before leaving Kelowna to move to New Zealand. Feel free to find your own symbols in it, as you get reenergized by its vibrant colours. I choose this image as it echos the notion of leaving and starting over evocated in chapter 14 of Behind the scenes lives the artist, as I talk about my solo exhibitions.

In the third part of this post, I’m sharing a few things about my weekend (on an art level of course!), and a sneak peak of what is happening in the studio. But first, let’s meditate/do a visualization.



2) « To reinvent oneself» , chapter 14 of Behind the scenes lives the artist

24 December 2017 – Only one week left before the start of her fourth solo exhibition. Fleuressence contemplates all her inventory she will have to bring up the stairs of the gallery where the exhibition is held. She knows that from the moment her first layout will be completed, time will accelerate. Her almost daily presence at the gallery will rhythm January up to an important moment of her time in New Zealand: the completion of her moving boxes.

Before she arrived in this magnificent and remote country, she wasn’t picturing herself as an artist. She was playing with colours, media and textures in experimentations that had no specific purpose. Her mission was to write, to finish the novel she started several years ago, which was now in its third version.

Basically, all her experience as a visual artist happened during her time in Nelson (NZ), a town with an ageing population and a mentality a little conservative; a town that regardless its size has eased the start of her career. Will it be as easy to find venues for her work elsewhere? Without a doubt. The challenge will rather to find the right venue.

In one week from now, she will display works that have already been in her first three solo exhibitions, alongside some new works never shown. This exhibition will look like an end-of-season sale, with red on the labels and reduced prices, works in storage ready to replace work sold, and the feeling that something is about to end. It will be an opportunity to play with the space and mix the various painting styles visited through the last four years.

To choose from, she has her vibrant watercolour paintings. Those she has created for her first solo exhibition, following the encouragements of a picture framer and an invitation letter from a gallery in Blenheim. The artist was so excited to receive an invitation that she jumped on the opportunity thinking it might not come twice.

The exhibition room was huge and for several weeks, Fleuressence painted intensively to create enough pieces for the space, and even more. She remembers the anxiety felt at the exhibition opening where she barely knew anyone. Then, lots of watercolour artists came to see her work. None had seen vibrant watercolour paintings like hers before.

For her second solo exhibition, she decided to combine her love for writing with her visual works, writing a little text for each painting. The works were mixed media paintings made from recycled materials, which reflected her theme. The idea was to ‘awaken’ people, to help them to see their mind limitation and to give them some food for thoughts. Some visitors really enjoyed her concept, but it was clear that, for many, the reading part was a step too far.

Therefore, for her third exhibition, she wrote again, but this time, the writing was inside videos that illustrated the paintings like landscapes filmed from the sky. Once again, those whom took the time to watch the videos only had praise about them.

For this fourth exhibition, Fleuressence hasn’t written or filmed anything. She is simply making herself available during specific time of the exhibition, and also, she wants to refresh the space regularly. During those times, she will relish the known and the comfortable, aware that the next step of her career will be full of unknown.


3) During the last weekend, I finally made a contact with the art scene of my new area and went to see two exhibitions. So much joy to find out that artists here, whatever their style or age, use strong and vibrant colours! This is already a good sign for the reception of my own work!

Then, my husband and I have visited several vacant lands for our new home/gallery. We are waiting for more info about one of them with fingers crossed, as the location regarding my target market is ideal!

Also, here is the start of the undercoat layer (in acrylic) of my first painting of my series « Immersion ».


I’m in a kind of a break right now. The next layer will be in oil paint and when I learnt to paint in oil at school, it was without using any medium. Now that I am learning more about oil painting techniques, I’m realizing that many online tutors think it’s wrong to paint without any medium…A visit to an art supply manufacturer feels required. I will surely write a creative text about this question once I positioned myself.

Let me know in the comment area, what are your thoughts about it and what subject you would like to read next in Behind the scenes lives the artist.



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