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This week, chapter 13 of Behind the scenes lives the artist is about my future online gallery and the various questions/ruminations that the making of my website puts me through. For me, this text is a nice wink to my weekend where I spent several hours looking for a physical site for this future gallery. And like the making of my website, with visits of potential sites comes reviews of my gallery design.

Also, after several months, there is finally movement in my studio! To read in the third part of this post.

But for now, as the daylight increases everyday, so does my surrounding energy. Therefore, I’m inviting you to meditate on the following picture, which holds movement and lots of potentiality.




2) « Creative solutions» , chapter 13 of Behind the scenes lives the artist

22 December 2017 – Between the original aspiration and reality, there is sometimes an intimidating gap. As she is starting to fill the information regarding her online store, Fleuressence realizes that there are quite a few questions she hasn’t thought of. She imagined the transaction on her website being done with ease, after all, in most of the cases, it happens that way. Like in an ad, she pictured someone looking at her website and clicking on the purchase button. On the next scene, the buyer is hanging his/her new painting on the wall. Piece of cake!

To open a small business is like opening Pandora’s box. No more illusions as the artist anticipates now that she is only at the beginning of her discoveries. Fortunately, like for most projects, once it is started, the unknown becomes more usual.

At the moment, Fleuressence is only at the draft of her project: the virtual part of her art gallery, which she will officially share with a wider audience when she will have found her new studio. Several months will pass between now and the launch of her online store.

Does her gallery have a return policy? What kind of delivery companies will she use for her packages? Will she pay the cost of shipping to encourage sales? What are the consumer laws in Quebec and Canada? Does she have to charge sale taxes for a painting sold overseas? And so on. Like Hydra’s heads multiplying, a question answered brought new enquiries.

Reading a blog about the shipment of works and the way to wrap them to prevent damages, the artist concludes that it would be simpler if she was limiting herself to only a few painting sizes, so she would always have on hand the perfect box for shipping. Above all, never undervalue the shipping of a precious and unique piece of work, as the person who just purchased it is probably quite excited to receive it! Neither the purchaser nor the artist wants to receive the news of a painting being damaged during transport. Fleuressence knows someone to whom it happens. Better to learn from other’s mistakes.

During her last year of study, Fleuressence has already limited herself to a few painting sizes, in expectation of a relocation overseas. After seeing one of Imants Tillers’ work at the Wellingtong Public Gallery, the artist found that the idea of making a huge work from the assemblage of many smaller works was genius. For someone like her, always seeking for novelty and movement, the possibility of transforming an existing artwork is surely seducing. Nothing should restraint the buyer to turn the works up side down and to make his/her own composition with them.

Her future seems to brighten up. Maybe she found a bonanza. Time will tell. Before being in position to start this new project concretely, the burden of relocation becomes lighter. Those large paintings occupying an expensive volume could travel more economically. If they don’t find a new owner by then of course!


3)Yay! Everything is set in my studio, I received my art supplies and I’m ready to grab my paintbrushes! Here is a support ready to receive its first layer of colour!


Also, things are moving in my mind about offering classes and workshops. It is time to do a bit of research and to go back to the basics again, to solidify my foundations before making the jump to teach to small groups.


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