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This week, the twelfth chapter of Behind the scenes lives the artist recounts a stage of preparation when having an exhibition, which is to advertise it. As I’m reading what I have written last December, I wonder how it works here, in Quebec. Do the visual artists distribute flyers for their upcoming exhibition? Or is it all done online? Now that I’m settled in my new home/studio, I’ll have the time to find the answer.

A good part of being an artist, besides creating and doing research, is to communicate, to become known, to talk to people. Therefore, the meditation picture of the week, by its colours, stimulates the throat and third eye chakras. Let your words and your thoughts be guided by your intuition. Trust this higher part of the self. Personally, I’m surrending to this intuition to be guided towards new people, new friends that will help me to start on with this new life/town.

Finally, in the third part of this post, I’m sharing the subject matter of my two upcoming series of work!


composition, couleur, pt moins de petites branches


2) « Advertisement» , chapter 12 of Behind the scenes lives the artist

20 December 2017 – Only one week and half before the installation of Fleuressence’s fourth and last solo exhibition in New Zealand. Alongside her faithful life partner, the artist walks on the main streets of the town to distribute her exhibition flyers and posters. She is grateful to have someone on her side. Even though, it is her job to talk with business owners and to ask permission to leave her flyers in the town businesses and cafés, to have someone with her makes it easier.

The artist is not used to ask for something. There is always that apprehension to disturb or to arrive at a wrong time. Some people seem to be unable to do anything by themselves. They ask for help before even trying. Fleuressence learnt to fend for herself. To feel vulnerable and to need someone else’s support are totally out of her comfort zone. However, there are situations where she doesn’t have the choice to ask others, and this ‘advertising ramble’ is a concentrate version of it. The worse answer she can get is a no, a work barely heard during that day. She has done this exercise many times, for each of her previous solo exhibitions, and also for group shows, the last one was just a few weeks ago. Therefore, she already knows which businesses don’t want flyers and they are not on her distribution list.

Apart of having to ask permission at each stop, Fleuressence is not convinced on the real impact of this distribution. Do people look for that kind of information? Aren’t they already bombarded from every direction by visual information, to a level that all is perceived by the unconscious, but has lost the ability to reach the conscious? A minority or none among the members of the collective gallery go through this drudgery of distributing flyers. But then, how is it possible to reach to new admirers if the information is kept inside the same closed circle?

This flyer distribution is similar to an activity like meditation. Impossible to assess results concretely. But no doubt that doing nothing doesn’t reward with results either, and it doesn’t even place the energy in a position of creating something new.

The brown paper envelope that contained thirty posters and about a hundred flyers is almost empty. Her lovely partner offers to distribute the balance in another part of the town, close to his work. Fleuressence relaxes. She accomplished what she likes the least for her exhibition. Now, she can enjoy the rest of the planning, which mainly is to install her work in the gallery. For this farewell exhibition, she is challenging herself to change the exhibition layout almost everyday, to give a moment of glory and an opportunity to find a new owner to each of her works.

Fleuressence hopes that her advertising will reach the right people, especially the ones she already knows, but for whom she doesn’t have their contact information. It will be a moment to give her farewell to those she has met during her four years in New Zealand. An exhibition right before a mandatory intermission – a planning towards new beginnings.


3) Last year, during my school studio project, I took thousands of pictures of my creative process. Some of you already own my picture book Home  where I grouped my best shots. After graduation, I went through all my photographs to select those that I found inspiring for a new body of work. I made a 300 hundred pages catalog with those. By next week, I will have started this new series done with oil paint, based on those images that evoke for me life and its mystery. These paintings are following my Meditation Tool series (which will be available to purchase online as soon as I receive my container!)  In a larger format, the new paintings will not only ease a meditation practice, they will also play an immersive role.  IMG_0135

Also, soft toys have always played an important role in my life – by helping me to put into perspective some life situations, and by allowing the silly part of myself to exist and to colour the boredness of the everyday –  I want to acknowledge that and to invite people to be seduced by their funny personality. Working in mixed media, I will call this series « Child’s heart », in which my soft toys friend will highlight new social sceneries. Stay tuned!


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