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Welcome on my blog!

After a one week break, Behind the scenes lives the artist is back with a text about the making of a website for a future gallery. When I wrote it, a few months ago, everything seemed a lot more concrete. I was surrounded by my paintings, affected by all their power and their light. With my move back to Canada, already several weeks have passed since I have last being with my work, which is still in transit. It feels like floating in the energy without having anything concrete enough to bring me back to the ground. Everything is possible, but at the same time, it remains aerial, virtual. Therefore, this week the meditation picture evokes that kind of drifting. As Spring is nearby with its buds ready to emerge, be ready for new projects as we gently berth where our heart has guided us.

Exclusively, at the end of this post, I’m sharing with you my new working space, where promptly new creations will arise. But first of all, let’s take a few moments to meditate/ focus:


Version 2

2) « New website for a future new gallery» , chapter 11 of Behind the scenes lives the artist

19 December 2017 – If the idea appeals to her or not, the sale of her paintings is a part of her work as an artist. Through her experiences in solo and group exhibitions, Fleuressence noted that her work is not as much appreciated when it is surrounded by the work of other artists. It is not that her work is better or not as good as others’ works. Her paintings simply carry another type of energy and have a different purpose. They need space, distance and time. It is for this reason that the artist plans to have her own art gallery in the future. Nothing over the top, just a space where her art would shine in all its power without distraction. In the meantime, she grabs every opportunity to display her work. All are valuable and can teach something new or bring new outcomes.

In anticipation of her future art gallery, that she envisions connected to her future house, Fleuressence decides to develop her online presence. Her art gallery will require a website. She was already thinking to have an online store to ease her sales. There are many websites where she could display her work for sale, but similar to the physical space of an art gallery, in a virtual gallery her work would be ‘lost’ among many other talented artists.

Fleuressence starts her research and compares the different website builders. The desire to offer a bilingual website, where each language has its own interface, is the first criteria. But quickly, Fleuressence understands that she might have to compromise on the website design and the easiness to edit it. Her ability to patience settles and the artist goes back where she already possesses some knowledge. It is so easy to lose track of time while working online, no need to add a headache on top!

She gets into it. In addition to her artist blog, where she publishes her project developments and an introduction to her practice, the new website will account for the business part of her career. The first step consists of finding a name. This one should portray her work and the type of projects she is offering. When the art gallery will also have a physical space, and maybe even before that, it will need a logo as well. Ideally, the name of the art gallery should be easy to pronounce both in English and French, as the art gallery will be in Canada.

After several hours, including a part of the night, as artist’s neurons are always ready to solve problems even at night, Fleuressence settles on the name “5D spiral gallery”.

The shape of the spiral has been fascinating the artist for a long time. It is a kind of infinity starting from a finite point that then evolves always further with the fashion of cycles. Her favourite metaphor is the analogy between the very small and the very large, a repetition occurring at various scales on many levels of existence. Obviously, 5D refers to the 5th dimension, a plan of existence where the individual disappears in favours of the global, where the soul takes over the personality inside the physical body. A dimension that mixes with the one where most people live at the moment, but that offers a wider consciousness to those who reach it. Fleuressence has not made the full jump to be in that dimension, but she knows that because of her art practice, she experiences it more often. Eventually, her full transition will occur when she will let go of what is still restraining her. The challenge is to find what it is.


There is still a little bit of work to do in my studio, such as covering the walls, install a ceiling light and receive some art supplies…. but this should give you a wee idea of where the magic is about to happen again!


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