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For this tenth week of the year, I am suggesting a meditation picture which evokes emergence and blooming. The light coming from the core illustrates perfectly the subject of my tenth chapter of Behind the scenes lives the artist, which is self-confidence.

I am back in Canadian ground and in a few weeks from now, I will be painting again!! Stay tuned, as I am looking forward to experiment and explore for two new series of paintings.


forme couleur


2) « Self-confidence» , chapter 10 of Behind the scenes lives the artist

18 December 2017 – Putting into perspective her life experience, her learning and the messages received regularly, Fleuressence draws the conclusion that the more fundamental aspect of being an artist, and maybe even of being human, is self-confidence. The only way to develop it is through practice. Theories are of no help if no action is taken. And to act, which is a gesture that can either bring a feeling of humiliation or one of achievement, requires possessing what is still to be gained.

Trust without being sure that everything will be fine. Learn to stay detached from the outcome. Develop inner strength to be able to get back up in case of fall. Self-confidence is something difficult to teach, because it might be there in some aspect of one’s life and absent in others. It requires courage, resilience and self-love.

Similar to a spiral shape, the more self-confident one is, the more one will do actions that will strengthen that self-confidence. And vice versa. If fear paralyzes actions, life situations will arise to justify that fear.

Fleuressence goes up more and more on this self-confidence spiral. Throughout the years, she has learnt about her weaknesses and strengths. She has not died of her humiliations. She has learnt that inner love is not nourished by outer love. More power resides in oneself when inner love has been developed and is available to share with others. On the opposite, to seek for recognition in the outer world creates addictions and eases frustrations.

Even now that the artist earned a bachelor in arts and that she has a few years of experience as a professional artist, the idea to teach and to share her knowledge remains a bit blurry. She is not really interested to follow people in their technical improvements. To show how to mix colours and how to design a composition don’t resonate with her. It would be so much more useful to target the foundation, to go to the roots supporting a person’s integrity and to strengthen them so she/he can resist to bad life weather and gleam in all of his/her beauty. Fleuressence’s experiences allow her to practice her self-confidence. Then she’ll be able to help others to overcome their fears.

The art world doesn’t welcome new artists with wide-open arms. There is a feeling of saturation and exhaustion spinning over the head of what should be at the avant-garde. Everything seems to have already been thought or done. Maybe, it is the truth of an era and of an ideology. However, the courage to open a new space for creation is necessary; to transform what has crystallized into something new; get free from past successes that slacken future accomplishments.

Fleuressence trusts that what she makes is essential. The looseness she allows herself to incarnate in her studio worth more than any of the books that she read on spirituality, psychology, when she seeks wellbeing. In society, art often takes the shape of something concrete, even if it’s sometimes about the intangible. The artist is rather interested in the human aspect of art. What kind of creator are we? To whom are we giving power? How does the way we create will favor the emergence of societies that are more conscious of the energies around us?

The line between responsibility and dependence is thin. Our level of self-confidence often determines on which sides of the line we stand. The tightrope walker on his thread oscillates between reality and illusion.


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