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This week, the ninth chapter of Behind the scenes lives the artist relates a moment of preparation before my last solo exhibition. As you are reading this post, I am preparing another important event: in less than a week, I’ll be back in Canadian ground for a brand new artistic adventure! The works that were shown in that last exhibition are already in transit towards America, where I can’t wait to show them and see their reception over there! I can’t wait to share my work with my family and friends, who have only seen it via the Internet. The photographs are not as powerful as the originals!

As the last week has been mainly about saying goodbye to people, cleaning the house and discarding/donating/selling objects that have been part of my everyday life, I have chosen a meditation picture that evokes for me that idea of separation and freedom towards something new, that is still a bit unknown. It invites you to assess what is inside and outside of yourself. Is it time to clear some of those things? What is still useful and what can you let go to give room for something new?



2) « Price Tag» , chapter 9 of Behind the scenes lives the artist

17 December 2017 – In a small box sitting on her desk, Fleuressence places the price labels she is writing for her next exhibition. For each event, she tries to do something a little bit different as a way to learn something new from it. This time, she is inspired by what is happening in her life at the moment. After spending more than four years in the same town, the artist is about to open her wings and explore new places. This exhibition, which completes a four steps cycle, will be an opportunity to show again each of her works. A few moments of glory for each painting that have spent most of their “life” in a storage room. Because of the volume and quantity of works that are still waiting for new owners, Fleuressence has decided to shift the exhibition layout almost everyday, which will result in a sort of fifteen exhibitions in one.

The irony is that she will be the only one who will record and experience all of those different layouts. It is very unlikely that someone will climb the rainbow stairs leading to the gallery every single day to witness any change. The exhibition will be an experiment on the use of a same space with paintings holding similar vibrations, in a variety of orders.

Even though most people will not even be aware of the changes, those will happen. The movement of the works will refresh the energy of the room. A feeling of moving forward while staying in the same position.

An average of two hundred price tags to be placed nearby works created throughout the last decade. An evolution of style, colour choices and media that have been used. Ten years in the artist’s journey, who thanks to her work, can acknowledge the evolution on her path. The life choices moving from a comfortable and harmful life style towards an adventure filled with hope. Life is not made to be easy. Some choices are easier to undertake than others. But to choice easiness at the expense of the heart doesn’t carry positive outcomes in the long run.

Fleuressence follows the price list she made especially for this exhibition. To give a price to an artwork is one of the challenges of the profession. It remains a symbolic number that illustrates, among others, the value that the artist attributes to her work, as well as the targeted market. The artist started the year (2017) with an experiment with her work prices, which wasn’t really conclusive. This time, some of the amounts are similar to that experiment, but explained differently. However, she doesn’t expect to achieve more sales with her pricing. When someone falls in love with a piece of art, it is not fifty dollars that will make a difference on the purchase. But for Fleuressence, it makes more sense to give those fifty dollars to her clients than to a moving company.

It is awkward that a small piece of glossy cardboard with a price on it is actually often a bridge between the artist and a new owner. A kind of I.D. that can be modified. A tiny down to earth island between two powerful centers of energy. The connection between the lived and the expressed. As she is finishing the writing of her price labels, she ponders if an absence of those labels would not be more significant. On the other hand, when the visitors will be on their own, looking at her work, the labels will be the point of information. They will palliate for the laziness of asking or searching. When one is afraid to disturb, one can restrain himself/herself from what he/she wants or needs.


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