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This week, for the inspiration/meditation part, I have selected one of my paintings from the Meditation Tool Series. As soon as they are completed, a few of my works become instant favorites. This painting is not one of them. But as a more complex melody, the more I give it time and the more I appreciate it, while it slowly reveals itself to me. I propose you to listen with your eyes. Let the shapes and colours talk to you. It doesn’t matter if you hear nothing or don’t understand what they are saying. As you practice, the message will become clearer.

The 8th chapter of my creative text Behind the scenes lives the artist, is about the idea of success, which is often linked with the idea of making money/sales. Could an artwork be considered like any other product?  

Finally, as announced last week, my creative spirit is on hold until I find a new studio. In the meantime, I am working on my future gallery website. A virtual space that will over the next few years should materialize itself in our physical dimension!




2) « Success and sales» , chapter 8 of Behind the scenes lives the artist

14 December 2017 – Rise of life inspiration. Fleuressence ruminates after watching a video on how to succeed as an artist. “Think as you are a company and not as an artist”, “find what you have to offer”, “find your market”. Then, there are those ads that follow her from a website to another. Another online seller, who has become rich in a few days, and that Fleuressence has met in a lecture, gave a name to that phenomenon. She already forgot the word for it. It doesn’t really matter. Why would someone want to be chased by ads? Even if they work and are profitable for those polluting our space… What about our freedom?

The artist follows a few bloggers and successful personalities. Most of the time, these people have started from scratch, barely supported by others, and today, they are doing lectures on how to succeed and grow a business. Yes, all should have the right to prosper and gain their own space. But this famous recipe that puts people on the map and grants them recognition, how is it different from the way society functions at the moment?

Yesterday, another artist asked Fleuressence how her sales were going. The tricky question, because saying that it is not going so well strengthen that affirmation, and to say that everything is fine is kind of a lie.

The more she thinks about it, the more to talk about art like it is a good sounds wrong. Ok, a painting is an object. Ok, a venue to exhibit a work and share it with a larger audience is required. Ok, money is needed to buy art supplies and to put bread on the table. However, Fleuressence cannot limit her work to the status of a piece of merchandise. When she paints, it is not about money or about the next sale she could do. Each part of her process is important. She paints to develop her human potential, so she can offer the best version of herself to her community and, in the larger picture, to humankind. Then, she will be grateful if her work resonates with someone else and helps that person in his/her own journey.

The felt ambiguity is due to the fact that the physical object she makes is mainly an activation tool for her. The real power resides on another level, in an invisible dimension that influences the collective unconscious. Fleuressence cannot sell the invisible. It is a dimension that requires commitment and where one is free of his/her level of participation.

Dilemma between what works for others and her valued principles. How can the system be transformed from the inside? How can we shift to a social economy acknowledging art without commercializing it?

Fleuressence remembers what someone told her recently: “to get noticed in the art world, art needs to be paired with another subject.” Some artists have paired it with science, others with politic, and designers use their creative verve to create beautiful objects destined to consumerism. It is not settle for Fleuressence. She knows she will have to create her own recipe. To be determined how she can help people to reconnect with their full potential; to give them the tools she hasn’t invented yet or that she hasn’t finished to test on herself.

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