Childhood memories, nature and its treasures

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This week, the picture that I’m sharing with you is maybe not as deep as usual to start a meditation on, but I thought it suited well my creative text, the 7th chapter of Behind the scenes lives the artist, which recounts some of my childhood memories. Without necessarily meditating deeply, take the time to observe, to allow your gaze to flicker around the coloured crystals. Enjoy the calm in your mind for a few moments, let yourself be nourished from the inside.

As my relocation is coming soon, the artist in me is waiting for something new. Therefore, during the following weeks, I might not have anything to share about my career. But trust me, at the first opportunity to grab a brush, there are lots of abstract landscapes ready to emerge on a support! Until then, I will still post a picture to meditate on and a creative text every week!



2) « Childhood memories, nature and its treasures» , chapter 7 of Behind the scenes lives the artist

Around 1988 / Day unknown, year uncertain – Nature in all its beauty covers the pastureland. There is no precise order. Only an abundance of colours, smells and flavours. The child tastes various plants without thinking that some of them might be poisonous. The pungent taste left by leaves or berries is spitted right away, followed by several saliva strings.

The small human being walks through tall grass forming a barrier of resistance for the small legs. There is no destination, only a thirst for discovery. Everything appears unbounded and unknown. No feeling of fear. Nature is an ally. It doesn’t harm or destroy for its own benefit. Its organic evolution follows its plans. Fleuressence notices.

Shimmering feathers found in perambulations; iridescent insects crawling on brown ground and green leaves; the sweet taste of small pink flowers; wild strawberries found on the forest edge; the sound of grass hold between the fingers as we blow upon it to extract a strange and hilarious scream. Everything is magic if one looks with a child’s heart.

But quickly, the urge to collect grows. There is scarceness in this magic. Books on fauna and flora taught Fleuressence that there is so much more than what she has already found in her close environment. Seeking becomes expecting. She aspires to encounter big beetles and mantis. A wish that came true several years later, on other continents, when the magic of childhood will have slightly faded. A small box contains feathers found in the meadow.

Sometimes, Fleuressence and her sister climb a stack of rocks that their father has removed from fields. They throw them to shatter them, in a quest for hidden gems, those tiny solid particles that shine under the sun. One of their friends found a big nugget of white quartz; so much beauty in its milky clearness. The maltreated stones will never grant them with such a gift. Child’s innocence. Adult’s desires.

Many years later, the artist keep looking for the beauties discovered during her childhood: transparency, colour, brightness, iridescence, the unknown and abstraction found in the details of an object. How many experiences will she need to satisfy her thirst of discovery?

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