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This week, the meditation picture I’m sharing with you comes from an experiment involving art supplies, ingredients found in the pantry and products stored in the bathroom. In accordance with the goal of my experiment, which is to observe what is happening between the mixed elements or their interaction, I suggest that you observe what is happening inside you while looking at this picture. What is this picture awaking? Use your imagination to find a few possible titles for it.

In a similar kind of ideas, the creative text of my chronicle Behind the scenes lives the artist is on my picture book « Home » . It is not the first time I’m presenting my book on this blog, but this time is a bit different, as it mainly explains its context.

Finally, I’m opening a tiny window about the destiny of some of my works followinf an act of faith, which was also destructive and about letting go.




2) « Book ‘Home’» , chapter 6 of Behind the scenes lives the artist

13 December 2017 – How to explain what is obvious for the artist to those who haven’t witness the scene? A recorded film of the process might help. After all, we are in an era of online courses. Why not share what we have accomplished for the benefits of all.

Of course, when some people are not bothered to film themselves in their living room with their life streaming in the background, Fleuressence is shier. If something must be done, then why not doing it in the best way? After all, aren’t we in a society based on appearances?

If a camera could film what her eyes is seeing… Inevitably, she will have to give a performance explaining briefly what she photographs during the making of her work. When people look at the pictures of her book home, they don’t understand that they are in front of photographs, not finished paintings. A medium used for the profit of the other. The artist could take full credits for the wonderful compositions happening during her experimentations, but she is only the tool following the energy of love. As a scientist, she is mainly an observer pushing the button of her camera like paparazzi. Then, it is under the guidance of her intuition that she selects the photographs and highlights some elements.

The layers of colours, filling the book pages, are enlargements of tiny scenes. A few seconds in the life of the painting. A chapter in an evolving story. A few seconds and centimeters which contain the wonders of the universe.

The liquid scenes streaming under her eyes when she adds pigments with a little bit of water fascinate the artist. Scenes that speak about her existence and her environment. Particles of memories buried under her skin and her density. And then, the material seems to connect with her own energies, despite her will to contact universal energies. Maybe there is no separation between the two.

Her photographs illustrate creation. The beginning of time. The birth of shapes. The act of creation itself. Foetus of matter. Flowering of events. The movement of life. Lanscapes from elsewhere. They contain all, while they remain abstract and mysterious. A perfect tool for meditating.

Will her next experimentations reveal other aspects of her life? Haven’t she broken the ice during this first year of work? Unless, her birth was the only subject that requires to be expressed, in all possible ways. To fix the broken envelop, or at least, to keep it alive long enough to reach the roots of the original wound. Then, come back in matter and spread the cure.

As a cut diamond, a human being and all her facets. The artist, the philosopher, the writer, the scientist, the musician, the performer, the healer, the comedian, the idealist, the utopian. A tightrope walker on a rope that leads to a secret dimension. Fleuressence dives inside her photographs to read her destiny.



Several hours have been spent on freeing most of my works on canvas from their frame. The act of cutting through the canvas with a tool similar to a scalpel required both courage and detachment. One of my motivations was the economy of space and costs as I am moving overseas. At the same time, it makes energy moves again. Maybe some of my works will be mounted again on wooden panel and will have a similar life to the one they had so far. But most of them will become new works, moving from a large or medium scale to something smaller. I’m already looking forward to this new challenge, which will be to reorganize, tranform and give to those works a new life. An adventure starting in about three to four months from now.


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