Experience of a commercial exhibition

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After a weekend spent at the Evolve Festival, which is an event promoting wellbeing, and where I was exhibiting some of my works, with synchronicity, I’m a sharing with you a creative text about my experience in a commercial exhibition – the sparkle that incited me to participate at Evolve! At the end of this post, I will summarize the main conclusions of this weekend event. But before that, I’m inviting you to follow the movement of one of my paintings, which was greatly admired in the last few days. Are you in a time of movement or, like myself, are you waiting for something? Which direction are you taking? What propels your choices, your incentives? Are those choices/incentives aligned with the direction you are taking?



2) « Experience of a commercial exhibition » , chapter 5 of Behind the scenes lives the artist

18 August 2017 – After three consecutive rejections, Fleuressence finally wins acceptance to participate in a national exhibition. In previous years, several thousand people visited the event. A golden opportunity for an artist. A door to an extended audience.

The anticipation felt during the installation of her works the night before, fades as Fleuressence walks the alley towards her stand. Ironically, the paintings she had submitted the previous years, which have been rejected, would have tuned with the other artists’ works. Her new style clashes. The wide black panels, the proximity of so many works, the noise, the flow of wandering people. Not enough time to appreciate the depth of her paintings. Not enough space to be able to get lost in them.

Sometimes, what we desire is at the opposite of what we imagine. But no experience should be neglected. Fleuressence takes the opportunity to study the behaviour of people and to try to make some conclusions.

Her paintings, full of intensity, movements, emergence and colors, are next to a series of works that look like they have been manufactured. Twins by their background, a few similar items have been added to the neutral background. A kind of still life made with collage of photographs. Maybe an exhaustive research on perspective and on the distances between two or three objects. A repetition executed thirty times with a few variations.

These low-key works are pale. Beige going slowly turquoise. Feeling of isolation, as if something was lost or time had stopped. A cold silence in the desert. And among the hundreds of styles available during the event, most people stop and contemplate these works filled by absence. A breathing between several moments of forced apnea. Without any effort or communication from the artist, people look at the works and are ready to commit to them.

The scene fascinates Fleuressence, which despite her will, she visits many times. She is a lover of art in all its power and expression of Life, revitalizing colours, intriguing shapes. Why are they all seeking emptiness? But all don’t have her peaceful life or her inner calm.

A lesson learnt while watching other artists sell their work is that people are attracted by who they are or what they need. Fleuressence knows that her work is necessary, and even if most people are not ready for it, the need is there. The challenge will be to showcase her work in a way they can radiate their light. If the venues don’t exist, she will have to create them.




My participation at the Evolve Festival was my last exhibition in New Zealand. A conclusion full of compliments and wonders. Definitively, my work is appreciated by people following a spiritual journey, or at least, people who are looking for answers in non-traditional ways of thinking, in order to feel good with themselves and with others. This confirms me that I am working in the right direction. And as stated in my creative text, it is important to find the right venues for what I create. During this weekend, I witnessed beautiful moments of synchronocity and « a few winks ». I will develop this experience further in a future creative text, which I will share probably in the month of May.


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