The in-between creation / space and time to work

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Welcome on my blog!

Lately, I have started again a yoga practice to go back to my roots and to emphasize love for oneself during a period of unwellness and incomprehension. The meditation picture invites you to take an inner look filled with love for the person that you are, regardless where you are on your evolution path.

In the second part, the creative text of my chronicle Behind the scenes lives the artist is about my current situation, although I have written this text more than a month ago. As much as creative sessions can fulfill and energize, the in-between projects can feel like a period of mourning, a difficult time.

Finally, a reminder about my participation at the Evolve Festival next weekend.


composition, couleur


2) « The in-between creation / space and time to work« , chapter 4 of Behind the scenes lives the artist

12 December 2017 – A few weeks after the end of her studies, Fleuressence finds herself in a situation of in-between projects, or rather in a limitation of space. A relocation is in the air, which is good news for her working space. Her intuitive painting techniques don’t suit her tenancy agreement. Even though, it would probably improve the horrible out-dated brown-patterned carpet and its mouldy smell.

In wait for her departure towards the unknown, the artist feels unemployed. She is inhabited by ideas and wished to create, but for now, she is in a “pruning” mode. Do not make additional works to increase the moving stack of stuff. And she only dreams of huge paintings!

In a motion that seems to be very slow, she sorts and compiles research items for her next project. A two for one. She narrows down her photograph library to mainly keep pictures that will inspire her in her next compositions.

A kind of invisible net is holding her, like when we have finished to clean the house, that everything is spotless and that we know that our next action will destroy that feeling in seconds. To organize a project without getting her hands dirty is not concrete enough. It is like a cake without sugar would say her teddy bear.

Her studio becomes a mental image as the colours of the photographs she is sorting out fill her eyes. Already four weeks have passed since her last post on her blog. She could easily draw from her previous project pictures. She has enough to feed her blog for a whole year without sharing twice the same content. Even if the option to offer the past as the present would probably have no impact on the reader/viewer, the idea of it sticks like a lie and doesn’t clear the feeling of immobility she is experiencing about her creative exploration.

As her hands are clean in the absence of paint, a feeling of guilt is settling down. An unjustifiable guilt, because all the time spent in marketing, exhibition preparation, label writing and research for new products is also a part of her job as an artist. However, these small tasks often take more time than planed, and weeks go by without reaching any feeling of satisfaction or accomplishment.

So many artists before her have crossed the line between a career and a hobby. Fleuressence had already crossed it a few months after the end of her studies in Literature.

The hand placed on her tattoo, a symbol of her artistic essence, she promises to herself to start creating again as soon as she finds a new studio.


3) The 27th and 28th January, I am taking part in the Nelson Evolve Festival at Founders Park where I will have on display my small and some of my medium paintings. My more recent creations belongs to the « Meditation Tool » series. They are crystallized versions of the meditation pictures I share in this blog. They invite you to take a moment and simply observe and enter a space that might still be unknown to you. My older creations are « Vibration Lifter ». Their vibrant and joyful colours brighten a room even in a rainy day. They also help to find your smile again! Here are two examples that I will have with me during this weekend focused on wellbeing:

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