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This week, the meditation picture is filled with kindness and calm, inviting you to take a moment to assess how you feel and to relax.

In the second part, the creative text of my chronicle Behind the scenes lives the artist features the business card and what it represents.

Lastly, a reminder of my last dates of exhibition in Nelson


Pour monochrome


2) « Business Card », chapter 3 of Behind the scenes lives the artist

11 December 2017 – As she is sorting out a carryall box, Fleuressence finds three versions of her business card. The oldest version only displays a website address that she doesn’t use anymore. She made the second version to add the physical address of the collective gallery, where her work is exhibited throughout the year. After changing her website address, following the purchase of her own domain, she had to make a third version with the up-dated information. Like dominoes, small changes to improve her social presence have an impact on what has been done before.

She remembers her first steps, when she was sharing her first works, most of which have made their way to the recycling bin over time. She tried so many different websites showcasing art (see.me, deviant art, pinterest, and others which she has forgotten the names) that she had to make a list with all her usernames and her passwords. Needless to say that to keep all those websites up-dated became a burden in no time. Social media allow creating webs fostering networks and exchanges. But they also suck up time, shorten days and limit creative session time.

She can see her artistic journey through the three designs. She has been working four years full time and then, one of her main challenges remains the ability to develop connections between her work and people crossing her way. Maybe it would be easier to go out with a label on the forehead. Instead, she wore a tattoo on the neck and a hair color that looks vibrant and a bit chemical. Repeatedly, conversations have begun over these physical distinctions. A body like a business card, similar to those cars circulating with company logos.

Sometimes, Fleuressence is caught up in a conversation and totally forgets to give the key opening her world. Faster on the trigger, her lover supplies the piece of glossy paper from his wallet towards a potential admirer. The business card is stored in an unknown pocket or purse. Right away, the artist access mentally the content of her website. Is it doing justice to her work? Will it have a sufficient impact for a new story to develop?

How many business cards are collected with a true desire to keep in touch with someone and then see their destiny in the recycling bin before having achieved their mission? And even if the website address reaches the bookmark list, will it be visited sometimes?

Fleuressence knows that, not only she needs to award her business card in time, but also like a rainbow that promises a pot of gold, it must seduce the receiver, in order that a few hours, days or weeks later, when the business card will be found again, the desire to access the website reappears.

Once inside the virtual ‘house’, it must be interesting and welcoming enough to encourage the new visitor towards its different sections. Ultimately, the visitor will find something interesting to motivate him or her to come back. Therefore, the virtual space should be refreshed and improved on a regular basis to avoid boredom. Effortless! Just align all the elements of the solar system for a guaranteed success!

The artist searched many websites giving marketing advices. Obviously, people go back where their needs are satisfied. Often, companies will create or highly suggest needs they can fulfill. This technique made its proof at the expense of the environment, but also has worked against our ability to be grateful for the things we already have.

There are many kinds of addiction and over consumerism might still be a hidden one. It is possible to find a few TV shows, on which a team of professionals help to unclutter houses owned by people that buy compulsively and that keep everything. Those houses have walls made of items of all kind, which restrain their owner mobility.

Each time Fleuressence gives her business card to someone, she has an afterthought about consumption abuse. Divided between the desire to spread her art around for its diverse qualities and the idea of a healthy environment, she questions the volume of her work and its reason to exist. “Am I fighting fire with fire? Is there another way to proceed? There are forms of art that don’t leave marks, but are they for me?”

No matter she gives her business card or not, people will decorate their home. Most of the time, they will buy items manufactured in poor countries, probably made in unacceptable conditions for our “developed” societies, and that we ironically encourage with our purchase power. Purchases that is no more conscious than other stages of production. “Cheap” purchases in every sense of the term.

Paint, without being toxic, is not perfect on a physical point of view. It doesn’t degrade as a natural fibre. However, Fleuressence hopes that her artistic contribution will help bring awareness. “If we behave with consciousness, we should be able to make enlightened choices for our society and our environment.”



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This is the last week to visit my exhibition Shifting at the gallery Art@203. For health reasons, the second week shiftings were not as regular as supposed, but the movement will start again tomorrow.

Also, on the weekend of 26-28 January, I will be at the Evolve Festiaval at Founders Park. This will be my last time exhibiting in Nelson and in New Zealand. http://www.evolvefestival.co.nz/

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