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Welcome on my blog!

This week, the meditation picture will surely bring you in a space filled with light.

Then, the creative text of my chronicle Behind the scenes lives the artist touches on the notion of being visible on the Internet, which is a huge challenge to overcome.

Finally, a few additional pictures of my current exhibition and of some of the sold works!




2) « Internet and Marketing », chapter 2 of Behind the scenes lives the artist

10 December 2017 – Her writing seems a little more fluid today. Fleuressence keeps hope to fulfill her aim in time, although her schedule fills up faster than usual…

Eventually, if her texts are interesting enough, they might attract more traffic on her website.

Her understanding of the Internet, probably very sketchy, is that a website needs to be active. Meaning, novelty always happening and inciting people to click on the page, which should increase the page popularity in search browsers.

The Internet is a gigantic straw ball. Her small website, a tiny straw colour needle. It can easily be found on page 120 789 of a Google search. Surely, some people with time to kill and a passion greater than the one needed to climb Mount Everest might get there. Nothing guarantees that people with these super powers are even interested in art, and if they are, that they will like Fleuressence’s work.

The artist will use her writing skills as a marketing tool. After all, there are still people enjoying reading and who go to libraries. This blog could become a meeting space between an artist and an audience. Not only to share her art journey, but also to offer her vision of the world and the values that inspire her to create. To initiate a sparkle in the global consciousness.

As she exhibits and interacts with people on a regular basis, Fleuressence comes to the conclusion that there are a lot of misconceptions about art. Many people believe that art is not really important. The artist wishes she could show them how art is actually fundamental in our human experience. Art is not only for an elite or collectors. It belongs to all and should be an integral part of our lives. It is a way of life, a tool towards evolution. Art is what makes us human. Art is what allow her to tolerate her human appearance, when deep inside, she belongs to another universe.



The first of three weeks of my current exhibition « Shifting is already gone! Changing the position of the works everyday and taking the opportunity to engage with the visitors is a new experience that will certainly feeds a chapter or two of Behind the scenes lives the artist! I was there when those three small paintings found a new owner. It brings on my face a smile difficult to erase, when I see my little treasures leaving the creative nest! Here is the link to follow the shifts in my layout: Facebook

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