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First of all, I would like to wish you a wonderful year 2018 filled with beauty, wisdome, love and peace. Replace new year’s resolutions for concrete plans, a step by step plan to create what really matters to you. If it’s important, you’ll know/learn where to put your priorities to make it happen.

For this first post of the year, I’m introducing a new formula. Firstly, from now on, I will separate English and French in two separate posts. Then, every week:

1) I will post a picture that you can use to meditate or simply as a device to take a little break during your day and clear your head.

2) I will share a creative text based on my experience as an artist. It is called Behind the scene lives the artist. This week, I’m talking about the writing of this blog. J

3) An up-date of what is happening in my career in real time.

Enjoy your read, have a good start of 2018 and thanks for following my work!


DSC_0165 3

2) « Blog introduction and challenges » Chapter 1 of Behind the scene lives the artist

For the third time, Fleuressence starts from scratch. Keeping faith, she opens a new word document and tries again. The idea appeared to be brilliant and easy to do. In theories. Words always seem to flow with ease when they stay on the invisible level. To try to inhale them and breathe them out on a piece of paper or on a screen has a bleaching effect. They condensed, distilled and deformed themselves. Additions and subtractions move us closer or further away from the original version. One way or the other, a message will be transmitted.

Fleuressence’s mission might look trivial and even unnecessary. But this question is not important to her. She simply wants to write a weekly blog. Nothing terrible or particularly innovative. Not a world changer, but who knows the wave scope of small gestures?

She might have underestimated the task. Or, on the contrary, she knows exactly what it takes and this is why she had planed to write fifteen texts before the start of 2018, and post the first one in January. When she set herself that goal, one week was remaining to the completion of her bachelor in art and she had another eight weeks before the end of the year, which she envisioned to be calm and eventually boring.

Now, there is only three weeks left to enter 2018. She has a few drafts, three or four at most, and this, only in her mother tongue. To reach a planetary audience, each sentence will have to pass through the funnel of the English language, with its grammar that she doesn’t fully understand. Nevermind, she tells herself. She should not restrain her communication to the rest of the globe for a few grammar mistakes, which might passed unnoticed by most people, due to a loss of language caused by lazy phone text communications.

Fifteen texts with an average 500 word each. Long enough to convey an idea and short enough not to daunt the reader. This shouldn’t scare the writer who wrote more than 200 000 words for one of the many versions of her novel, still to be finished. Fear is not the feeling she experiences, however, writing used to be easier and she feels a bit rusted, as her way of expression has lately become visual. Time to find back her love for writing.

Fleuressence realises that, for herself, and who knows, maybe for all, it is difficult to stay coherent in her projects if she doesn’t follow a daily routine. Three successive days without writing and a text might change genre. Life is movement. Learn to embrace change.

The writer thinks about her readers, not knowing what to think. What people want to read? Have they time to read? What can I offer without creating a burden for myself?

More closely, she questions her real motivation. There is no doubt that she loves to write and would enjoy the activity on a daily basis. This is actually the structure she needs to incorporate in her daily routine for the rewriting of her novel. (The fourth version!) Because she is also a painter, she must find a balance between creative writing, visual art projects and marketing. To make a living from her art, she has to work on her social presence as well.

Marketing. A word making the sound of a lack of life, something empty and repulsive; a wild animal, which she will need to tame. It is all a matter of perspective. On one side, marketing is the social part of her job and she should be grateful for any opportunity she can grab to share her work. However, to stand out from others, most businesses will use manipulative techniques to gain new consumers. Fleuressence is not impressed by those techniques. But how will she stand out without using them? Which, she has no intention to do anyway. Her learning should begin with discernment.


My fourth solo exhibition, Shifting, started yesterday. From Monday to Friday, each day, I’m changing the display. This refresh helps the energy to flow. It is also a way to study a space and test various ways to create a display. You can follow my daily progress/changes  Facebook

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